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We started to compose a list of the BEST Indian wedding first dance songs and realized, that we were in way over our heads. Furthermore, the Sun Dance religion, an intertribal movement which the Indian Bureau was attempting, unsuccessfully, to suppress, was still flourishing. Not only was she able to gather some thirty-two Sun Dance songs, but she presents them in a context which is still one of the best studies of the Sun Dance religion. Music is one of the most persistent culture elements to be found in primitive societies and the most resistant to change. Suja is an Indian (Malayaii).

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Kareena Kapoor, fresh from her success last year, has done an item song for the movie Vinod which goes by the name of Dil Mera Muft Ka. Oh yes we know Miss Kareena Dil hoga aap ka muft ka per aj kal aap muft main nahi milengi.  Item songs aside, there have some wonderful melodic indian songs that have also captured people's imagination this year and Piya Re Piya from the movie Tere Naal Love Ho Gayadeserves mentioning.

A country walk in India without grassy downs, gay hedgerows and leafy glades, is apt to have a depressing effect on the exiled European, so he takes his exercise in the form of games. The magpie robin will live in captivity; it, however, Latest indian songs is not often seen as a caged bird, for its cousin, the shama, having a more beautiful song, is more highly esteemed. We do not hear much of the Indian bird because the crows never give it a chance. The European cuckoo visits India.